Keeping Cool This Summer With Ice Cream

This summer has been nothing short of hot for most of the country. I know I have complained on the blog more then once about the heat :OP. I have to say there is no better way to stay cool then to have a nice frozen treat! Recently I was given a chance to review many great products from the Unilever Ice Cream products. Recently we were sent 5 coupons to select some of their newest products to try. Honestly I guess I never knew so many existed! We had gotten caught in the otter pop habit so long we hadn't ventured down to the frozen treat isle.
The kids of course selected New AirHeads popsicles, I was hoping to try the new Yosicles but they were out :O( so I guess I can assume they are My husband picked his favorite Breyers Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I always try to get him to try something new but he tends to stick with his favorite. When I though of Klondike products to buy I would have never thought of the Chocolate Choco Taco, let me tell you that was the best choice I made that day! I love that you get a bite of cone with every bite you take, and well sometimes you can just never get enough chocolate. Mmmmmm......
Enjoying an Airheads Popsicle

Here is a little know fact :O) and one you probably don't care about, but my favorite candy is a York Peppermint Patty. I was so excited when I found out Good Humor made an ice cream that tasted JUST like them! They call them a bar, yet they have no They were so good but with the heat just a little messy, even for me. So the second time I ate it out of a bowl with a spoon haha. A grown woman with chocolate face is not as cute as it is on a little kid ;o). Now the last product we chose was the Magnum way to describe this.....EVIL GOODNESS! At 330 calories per bar, this is obviously NOT on my diet plan haha. Since life is short though I decided to try them out personally ;o) you know quality control......and oh my they were so good! I can't wait to try the white chocolate next time my store gets them in stock. I really do have to thank Unilever Ice cream products for helping my family stay cool this summer.
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Julia Potvin said…
they really looklike they enjoyed every bite & lick,, yummy !! everything sounds soooo good gotta try the magnums!!
jenzen69 said…
We have bought both the Airhead popsicles and the Choco Tacos and I love love the Choco Tacos, the Airhead popsicles got a thumbs down from the family, but we have all teens and adults.
Mellissa Hanks said…
I licked a white airheads I didn't really taste anything but the kids all really enjoyed them and it cooled them down good.
Angie Harris said…
Great review thank you so much for sharing!

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