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Bad Baby Review and Giveaway

Let's face it clothing is a way of It is just kind of a rule that you wear clothing in public, but it isn't a requirement that your clothing be boring. Bad Baby Inc. has put a new fun spin on T-shirts and other clothing. With fun sayings on everything from bibs to sweat pants they is sure to be something for everyone, and if not you can always use their option to customize! Not only do they offer a wide variety but they do it at an affordable price with T-shirts only $11.99. We chose the "I'm Not Allowed to Date Ever!" shirt. My husband though this shirt was hilarious and I will admit it gave me the giggles as well. Now my 4 year old just gave me the "ugh mom!" and rolled her eyes haha but she enjoys wearing it to because, well lets face it when children wear unique shirts, they get more The quality of the shirt is really good, made of cotton, and washed very well. Although as an after thought I should have picked a grey shirt

Rubbermaid Lunchblox

I knew when school started it would mean that packing my daughter a lunch would be a must. Now I will admit my daughter is....well a strange 4 year She is not a fan of meat or sandwiches which pretty much leaves fruits and veggies. Lets face it though, those do NOT taste good warm in any way! That is where this great new products came in. Rubbermaid Lunchblox in a revolutionary product that not only gives you a great lunch storage option but with the new Blue Ice you can more effectively keep your lunch cold. Lunchblox is designed to save space in your lunch box as well with it's snap together design, which include 3 different sizes for every meal option. These great containers are not only microwaveable, but they are dishwasher and freezer safe!