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A Tuesday Time Out

Today started off pretty rough. My 9 year old came in telling me how good the egg rolls in the freezer were....yep the same ones that were going to be for dinner. Non-stop whining, 3 kids to the store for back to school supplies, my hair.....well lets not even get started on my hair lol,not to mention the usual fun things like laundry and dishes. I was just ready to crawl back into bed and wave my little white flag.
To try to help what little sanity i had left i decided to walk with them down to the park. As I sit here watching my kids play and praying that the day doesn't end in the ER a smile came to my face. I am truly blessed :) not all moms get this chance...the chance to never miss a single moment with them! Sometimes all we need is a second to remember how lucky we are to turn a horrible day into a perfect day.


ChainingMagic said…
We've been thinking about going to the park today too. There's nothing like watching the kiddos play! :))
Mellissa Hanks said…
It really brings me such joy :O)
Melanie B said…
We've been stuck inside with RAIN. Can you believe it?

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