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Mommy Moments

So I guess for this mommy moment we have to go back to December 2011. My son came home from school with an ice pack in his hand. I asked him what had happened and he told me he hit his face on the back of another boys head..........OUCH! But all seemed okay and of course I figured well the school didn't call so it must not have been to bad. Fast forward a couple of weeks and they start to turn black. I FREAKED OUT! These were his ADULT teeth now he would not have teeth and would be subjected to every little brat kid in school teasing him. We went to the dentist and did everything possible to keep the teeth IN his head. Well about a month ago the kids got to being rough and he ended up kicked in the mouth. Within 2 days tooth number one was gone :*( then yesterday it was time for number 2 to fall out. By this time I had come to peace with having to get him implants, I had talked it over with the dentist and knew the price. Well last night my boys come RUNNING into the living room screaming MOM MOM! HE HAS TEETH COMING IN! LOL so now I must ask myself, did he really get adult teeth?? Why didn't the dentist mention these teeth?? Or is he just one of those strange kids with more then 2 Which still doesn't answer the dentist question. Happy Monday everyone :O)


Did you know I am a dentist? I can answer any question any time for you!!! Just dm me or email anytime!!
Mama to 4 said…
wow! Was he bullied in school or was it an accident?
I was wondering the same thing. Was he bullied?
Mellissa Hanks said…
I did :O) thanks I'll email you ours seems ummm...stupid?? lol
Mellissa Hanks said…
It was an accident in pe :O)
Mellissa Hanks said…
No just an accident thankfully :O)
Thank goodness it was just an accident! You will have to let us all know the outcome...I am very curious to know if he did have a second set of adult teeth?
Patty said…
Awesome news! I am so glad to hear he has two new ones coming in!!! This will save you some money now since you won't have to get implants, and will be more comfortable for him having his own real teeth. Congrats little fella!
Mellissa Hanks said…
I'm scouring pictures trying to figure it out! I hope they are teeth!
amy2blessings said…
I'm sorry this happened.
Grace Hodgin said…
Who knows. I imagine dentists get busy and can't keep up either so I guess giving the dentist the benefit of the doubt will work once. Glad he is getting teeth.
Melanie B said…
I'm just glad he's got the teeth coming in!! Hopefully they are further in when school comes around

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