Growing Onions-Small Accomplishments ;o)

Okay so this was my first year growing onions. I bought a package of seeds and well planted them I ended up with 200 onions. They turned out rather small though. I'm not sure if it is the severe weed problem we faced all year, the heat, or the poor soil. Something, or all 3, but my husband used some in salsa last night and he said they added great flavor. Today I will be picking all the onions that are ready and chop them up. They will store long enough for me to use them in all my dishes :O)


Audrey said…
Congratulations, I'm sure the onions will taste especially good since you grew them!
That is awesome Melissa! I am sure it will be delicious!!
Julie said…
That is awesome! I was never able to grow onions before!
Joanne said…
That's awesome!!! I admire people who can grow stuff - I have a black thumb!!

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