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Geddes Giveaway

Here we go more great items to help your kids get ready for school! Who is excited??

I remember how fun it was picking out new school supplies. I loved all the new pencils, erasers, and other neat things I would use. My boys are the same way. They love going to the school store to pick out new items. Raymond Geddes sells supplies that are not only functional but fun! They supply students with imaginative and affordable pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, erasers and other school supplies designed for school stores, classrooms, and education fundraising. They offer so many neat items! We were sent a variety pack of supplies. The first things we saw were these adorable pencils holders.
My younger boys went crazy over them! They immediately put their crayons and colored pencils in them. These erasers were a bit hit as well. They were scented! The boys loved opening each one to see what it smelled like. I have to admit, I had fun with them too. It made me feel like a kid again :)   The pens we received were "awesome" according to my boys. The pens on the left are 3 color gel pens. They are filled with 3 different ink colors so the color you write in changes. The pens on the right are the Confidential Secret Decoder Spy Pens. On one end is a regular ink pen tip. On the other is the invisible ink. You can write a message with it and then use the ultraviolet light on the cap to decode the message. How cool is that?? These Sweeteez highlighters are scented as well! We also received several of these Jelly Bear Keychains. My 4-year old loved squeezing them and watching the beads move around. My boys love to read so they really appreciated the Dr. Seuss bookmarks! They also liked the Dr. Seuss pencils as well as the neat mechanical pencils. I remember the simple pleasure of getting a fun new pencil to use as opposed to the plain standard one. Raymond Geddes also has a big selection of pencil sharpeners. The orange and purple ones actually flip open and have 2 sides to use. Theones on the top left are Chocolate Bar Sharpeners with Scented Erasers! They smelled so yummy! I was truly impressed with the variety and selection offered by Raymond Geddes. It's the perfect place for school supplies and for teachers who want to stock up on classroom treats. I remember several teachers having goody boxes that we got to pick from. These items would be perfect for that! These items would also make great additions to treat bags for classrooms! In addition to the items I reviewed, they also sell, paper supplies, holiday supplies, toys, and gifts. They also have items geared specifically for teachers. These include items such as hall pass sets, fun sticky notes, and incentive pencils. Check out all of their fun products HERE. You can also connect with them on Facebook. One of our very lucky readers will win all of the items I reviewed as well as a $25 gift certificate! Disclosure: The product(s) offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. Any opinions expressed are my own honest opinions and are not influenced by any form of compensation. This giveaway is not in any way endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook. a Rafflecopter giveaway


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