Gardening in West Texas-Thankful for the rain!

What a crazy night! While here in West Texas rain is not a really common thing in the summer, it does happen. When it does happen the storms are CRAZY and yet amazing all at the same time. Last night was no different. While the weather channel only reports 0.17 inches of rain here they are usually a bit off. The ground is still wet(which doesn't happen easily) and there are puddles about. We spent 3 hours awake with our daughter(by we I mean me ;o) ) she really isn't a fan of thunder at all no matter how old she gets. The garden however is in LOVE with it! Here is an update on the happenings in the garden.
I love the wet sand under my feet

The grape vine FINALLY has new growth!

All 3 chickens are doing great!

Hmmm....why is it the one plant I didn't plant over takes the world??

My scarlet runner beans are doing AMAZING!

Still so low on bees here but the flowers are pretty

Squash coming in :O)

Corn looks like the rest of the nations :O(
There is more rain coming today, tonight and tomorrow! I can't wait :O) I better get out and weed whack before it rains


fancygrlnancy said…
great photos.. I'd love a little more rain here in AZ.. send it our way when its done there.
OMG it's raining there? I can't even imagine rain at this time of year! I am in San Diego, we only get about 2 weeks per year. Enjoy it!
Mellissa Hanks said…
It is :O) it was 99 degrees yesterday but some made it through to the ground!
Mellissa Hanks said…
I'll keep it as long as mother nature allows :O) we are short nearly 6 inches for the year still :/
Flora said…
The rain didn't make it as far as where I am, but at least some of Texas is getting rain!
My garden did terrible :( yours looks great.
Shayla Burks said…
We got a little rain last night. It was nice. :)
Mellissa Hanks said…
YAY! You guys often get
Mellissa Hanks said…
Thank you it is not near what I hoped maybe next year will be better
Christy Maurer said…
Your garden looks great :) We have had so little rain in Ohio this year, it's nuts! Everyone's grass is brown and no one has mowed in at least 6 weeks!
Peter Shine said…
The corn and nation comment got me laughing. Glad the garden and hens are doing well. :oD
Mellissa Hanks said…
Really my mom lives in cincinnati and they have had a ton! I have no grass :)my wash machine waters the garden lol

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