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We have been dealing with these little bugs since we moved to Texas 5 years ago. I had never before in my life seen cockroaches. When we moved down here it was a fast trip and well we rented from the cheapest person we could find. What a mistake! Well we ended up buying a house from him(a mistake for more then one reason) and I have battle these little cockroach *&^%$!#@! ever since. I've used sprays and bombs, powders and gels. Nothing takes them away! Of course I don't think it helps that every wall we pull down is infested with nests that have obviously been there for a LONG LONG time. Well I have been looking for ways without using chemicals to help me handle these little pests. My answer is sticky mouse traps! I know it seems strange but recently I discovered that roaches really love my onions. I can no longer store them outside of the fridge at all. So I took a small onion and cut it into pieces and places a small piece in the middle of each trap. This is what I got! 
Yep that is just ONE NIGHT! Keep in mind I have 4 of these down all of them have at least this many trapped. I normally don't kill that many in one day so that means not only am I not using chemicals but I am killing more :O) Ok so I probably have lost some of my readers gagging right I'll admit it is gross but hopefully this will be a tool to help finally rid this house of roaches and maybe it can help just one other person do the same. At $2 for a 4 pack I have no issues continuing to replace these every week.


Unknown said…
These little buggers are evil and terrible to get rid of! I hope you win your battle soon!
Danielle S said…
In order to completely get rid of these pests, you must spray completely all the way around, the baseboards, walls, attic, nooks, crannies, cabinets, basement (in you have one), for a week straight. The first day you do it, two to three bombs in each room, larger rooms--four to five. After you bomb the house completely and have spayed, you will still have to spray once a week for about a month, and then monthly for the rest of the time you live in your home. Also, be sure to spray around all the plumbing fixtures under the cabinets, and any holes you find.

When you spray just one area, they will move to another area that you have not sprayed. Cover or put in bags everything that you want to keep from the poison. My husband has done some extermination in his time. Sometimes you have to bomb two to three times because there will be eggs that will hatch at a later time.

Remember, Hon, this is war! Victory is just a bug bomb away.
Danielle @ Royalegacy
Mellissa said…
Ive bombed 4 times now even under the house. Everyone surrounding us has them as well
Mama said…
I worked in public housing and they would bomb and then spread to the next building. I have heard of them being attracted to sticky traps. I like warm climates but I hate bugs
Unknown said…
I remember when we had neighbors (in Lubbock) we would get together with the two houses on either side and the one behind us three, and coordinate bug spraying. We all did it at once and never ever had a problem that I remember. :)
I hate those things and have to say when I stayed there I sprayed like crazy lol.
Mellissa said…
Lol we go through a can a week. I wish our neighbors cared but they just don't for some reason I mean besides the fact they are
Travis said…
Last week I went outside and picked up the dog bowl to bring it in so the racoons wouldn't eat the dog's food and one crawled up my arm and sent me running.
Danielle S said…
Hey, I just remembered something. I just read another blog last week that says you can eat cockroaches. They are a good source of protein. --Yeah right! Yuck

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