Wordless Wednesday-Nap Time Interupted


somedays I wish I were a cat! okay everyday...
Kim said…
Oh, I have dogs that do that!!! Darn them!!
I want to have cat nap powers, LOL!
hippie_mom said…
Your cat seems to rule your house too ;) Happy Wednesday!
Man I wish I was a cat! Just one day of laying flopped- ahhhh that would be nice!
royalegacy said…
It looks as thought they are saying that you are interrupting their nap time, too!
Royalegacy's Wordless Wednesday w/Linky
Haha- the life of a cat! You should link this up on my sat laughs this week! I love it!
I don't have a cat anymore since my daughter moved out and took the cat with her but yours are cute.
ChainingMagic said…
It looks like they're saying, "Hey, what's with the camera?" Priceless! :D
Shayla Burks said…
wth, wake me up taking pictures and crap?
what's your problem!? lol

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