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Transplanting Tomatoes

See how it's leaves are curled up :O( not a happy plant

In its new ground home
Now I have been asked why I wait so long. Honestly the soil here is SO BAD everything seems to die so while working on the soil I push the limits in pots. When you transplant a plant it is best to have a cool cloudy day. Have the ground nice and damp to keep the plant as happy as possible. On tomatoes plant your plant up the the first set of leaves. Tomatoes will grow more roots from the stem and will in turn grow more tomatoes ;O) Now lets hope the dirt doesn't kill my I was shocked by how weak this plant really was! I have to add supports it couldn't even hold up its own branches


Melanie Payne said…
If I were closer you know what I would end up doing. :)
Now for the lecture you deserve!
- First off, don't ever let a plant get root bound in a container, this will shorter your plants life and production. Your plant really does look weak. For it to be that tall and wide in a small container I'm afraid you may have weakened it already.
- Second, tomatoes CAN be grown in containers. If your soil is so bad in which I have no doubt it is, simply get a bigger container. The one you show up there, no where near deep enough.

You can still plant in the ground with poor soil though simple dig a good three by two hole, and pour in some new dirt. Remember things like coffee and broken eggs shells helps soil, toss them in there, mix it up then plant. Make your own soil treatment with leftovers form the kitchen, pour on once a week .

- Third you need to pinch off some stems. Any that don't' have flowers/fruits on it BUT be careful. You have high sun so you need to pinch of those branches that wont' leave your fruit wide open to elements. I suggest pinching off those at the bottom. The more stems your plant has the more nutrients is going out to all other stems- in turn NOT putting forth nutrients to the fruit itself. This makes smaller tomatoes with less taste and won't produce great seeds if you plan on harvesting.

I've rambled enough. Over and out ;-)
Mellissa said…
I did pinch lol all those have flowers or tomatoes lol ummmm......I spread 50+ gallons of compost the temps and winds last year just removed everything from the soil. It was root bound when I bought it sadly :( it is looking a bit better tonight I cant wait to see it in the morning. And my scarlet runners are not happy :/
Melanie Payne said…
What happened to "My" Scarlet runners? hmm? ;-) They are hardy things.

Did you ever test the soil?

If not, or if you did, there's simple ways to treat it with things around the house.

If it was root bound did you snip and trim then spread roots out?
Mellissa said…
Yes I losened it all up :) it lacks pretty much EVERYTHING. I don't know what is up they look sun burned

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