Strange Saturday!

So normally I love to update on my garden on saturday but I've done a bit of that all week . I sat here this morning wondering what I should talk about. The kids, food, crafts.......well I have one of my dogs on leash in a house today hoping to teach him a bit more manners and the cat decided he was going to help.
An overview Koda the dog is in the left cornor, Ashley the cat in the right

Yes the cat is holding the leash in his mouth

The dog looks
It is so funny because usually the dogs chase the cats............well not in this house. The Cats rule this


Rhonda Martin said…
LOL too funny~! I had to take a second look because your dog looks just like mine. We named ours Toto because it looks just like the dog in the wizard of oz. Sorry to say though in this house the Dog rules. She even has taken over my pillow at night. She insist she sleep in the middle lol. My cat fits the title scaredy cat. If you sneeze or cough to load she runs and hides. She could take lessons from your cat for sure lol
Mellissa Hanks said…
How awesome :O) I have never met someone with another cairn. My little male is 4 and just has the hardest time calming down! So he sleeps in his crate at night :O) one day I want to get him a girlfriend but we have two LARGE dogs so we are at our max right now.
Sarah Lewis said…
Love it! Too funny!
Melissa said…
What a cute pet family! Do they get along?
Haha- too funny! You need to link this up next week on my saturday laughs:)
Mellissa Hanks said…
The cat hates him They will sit 2 feet from eachother but if the dog tries to play he gets hissed
ChainingMagic said…
Lol showin' 'em who's boss! :D

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