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Making Homemade Butter

It had been YEARS since I had made homemade butter. Not sure why it is fast and easy, not to mention by far the BEST butter ever! With only one ingredient and about 10 minutes you can make it to! Trust me once you start you will never go back to buying that processed stuff in a tub.

*1 Quart Whipping Cream
*1 food processor or blender

It really is simple you will laugh that you have never done it before. Pour the heavy whipping cream into the food processor or blender. Put the lid on and turn on. It will take 5-10 minutes but it will slowly get thicker and thicker. When it starts to separate into a liquid and solid turn off. This liquid is butter milk :O) I keep it to make pancakes and biscuits with. Pressing on the solids will release more of the liquid. Put the solids in a container and TADA butter ;O) now some people add salt I think it is amazing without it. Enjoy!


Isabella_Grey said…
This is great! It's so easy...and now I feel dumb for never trying this before, lol.
Mellissa Hanks said…
lol and so much healthier. I'm wondering why I haven't made it in 10 years
Kathryn Costa said…
I'm like you, it has been years since I made homemade butter but it is sooooo good. Thanks for sharing!
Shayla Burks said…
i've never made butter! this sounds like a great project for munchkin to help me with. :)
RenĂ©e said…
i havent done this since I was little - thanks for sharing (pinning it too!)
I had no idea you could do that! Thanks!
Amanda T said…
Oh wow, I had no idea you could make home-made butter! That is too cool :o!! I so wanna do this.
Amanda T said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
LOVE IT!! I have been wanting to make some with cinnamon!! yummy!
Wow! Good for you Homemade Butter is sooo much better for you than store bought!!
I would love to make this! Pinning and making some this weekend, thanks!
That is so awesome! Thank you. I want to make some soon.
mywildcrazylife said…
This reminds me I need to be making my own. Ironically I make my own yogurt and sour cream, but I rarely do butter. Your post makes me want butter :D
That is so awesome!! Thank you so much!!! I want to try this!
royalegacy said…
I would love to do this. Now I just need to get a food processor. My old one burned out last year, and I just found that I really didn't need one.

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