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Just a test post for my vacation :)

I would love to be able to post while we are out of town. So I figured I would give my mobile app a try :) my to do list is endless for today! I have 3 dogs to wash, laundry to do, dishes, finish packing.........whew it goes on and on. Have you ever tried fitting 10 days worth of goods in a 6 foot pop up camper. It isn't easy! No worries though I'm getting it done hehehe. Well I have to try out the picture option to so here are the chickens :) I hope they do good with my friend here.


royalegacy said…
Lucky you to be able to go on a vacation. Hope you all have fun!
Danielle @ Royalegacy
Mellissa Hanks said…
It only comes once a year :O) thanks I hope it will be great
Isra said…
Have a great vacation! Looks like mobile is working! :)
Shayla Burks said…
:) It's going to be great, your chickens are going to be great. I decided to post about my stay with your grown chickens a few times on my blog; it'll help when my own chicks are grown. :)

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