Growing Goji Berries DAY 20!

Wow I have to say this is one of the slowest growing plants I have ever seen. There has been many more seeds that have started. I think perhaps I didn't get some planted deep enough though. So if you are going to try this make sure your seeds are about 1/2 inch under ground. The stems and roots are very weak on them and as they get bigger they are falling over. They also like to be watered ALOT! I have had to make sure they are always wet sometimes watering twice a day. As soon as they start to get dry they start to fall over. I hope I can grow some of these to adult :O) I will be planting another set today I believe trying to plant them more deeply this time.


Holy cow! That is awesome! Can you do my garden?
Mellissa Hanks said…
If you don't live in the desert lol

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