Gardening in West Texas Friday of Firsts

What an amazing couple of days it has been. After a long couple of sicks days I was blessed with a couple of nights of great rain! My garden has thrived and this morning I was blessed with so many firsts and new beginnings!
My first flower of my mystery cucumber

My first ear of corn starting!

My first Jalapeno almost ready!

My first pickling cucumbers!

My first flowers

Still waiting on our first eggs :O(


Trisha said…
Aw! Hope your first eggs will come soon! =) Your flowers are so pretty, I wish I had a backyard to do some gardening in.
ChainingMagic said…
Lucky! We had great hail over at our end. These are beautiful photos! :D
crunchyfarmbaby said…
We are waiting on a lot of our firsts too! Eggs included! :)

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