Let the Camping Adventure Begin!

With Memorial weekend and the official start of summer this weekend I am so ready! I'm sure you have heard me complaining about the heat here in Texas already.lol It really does seem to be relentless, but I am glad to say the weather men and women around the country finally think this weird weather we have all been having is finally GOING AWAY! As someone with kidneys who are most times less then happy this is great news. We have so many fun things planned for this summer. My family LOVE to camp and you have probably saw me post before about our forum Camp Over America. It is just getting up and running but is already becoming a great place for people to share their adventures and favorite things about camping. We are in the middle of planning a great adventure over the week of the 4th of July :O) hopefully we can get some people to join us. Here are our shirts ;o) our adevutres are going to take us all over Southern Colorado in that new jJeep I was talking about hehe.


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