Eclipse 2012

I had such a great night watching this with my husband :O) we don't often get to enjoy a beautiful sight like this. Best thing was it was so quite! All 3 kids were sleeping after a long night and day of puking. Running on what I wouldn't even consider sleep this night couldn't have been much more perfect!
7:44pm here in Levelland Texas

Had to get on the roof ;o) 8:10pm before adjusting camera

LMAO husband Shhh don't tell ;o)


Lost my ring of fire to some clouds but it was still beautiful :O)


Deb said…
That is so cool!! I'm in Michigan and wasn't able to see the eclipse. It's been so much fun looking at everyones photos.
Kristyn said…
beautiful photos! thanks for sharing :)
Mellissa Hanks said…
We are on the very edge of people who can see it :O) I was super excited.
Sarah Lewis said…
Definitely amazing!!!! We weren't able to see it either so I am loving everybody elses pictures!!!!!

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