Cutting Vinyl With Your Cricut

  I recently bought a Cricut and wanted to try something new with it, cutting vinyl. In wanted to be able to make a sticker for my car window to help share my web page with others they may not come across it on a normal bases.
Make sure that in the overlay option you select your cartridges
Draw out your design
Set the green dial to 2 for thinner material I had to use 1! The black pressure is pushed all the way back to 1

 Before you cut make sure your multi cut is set to 1 and the cutting speed set to 3 :O)

Peel off the extra vinyl so only what you want on your window is left

Apply your transfer tape to the front

Make sure your window or other surface are clean before you apply. Remove the paper backing and carefully line up your sticker. Once it touches the surface getting it off will be very tough.


royalegacy said…
What did it look like on the car?
Danielle @ Royalegcy

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