Belli Skincare Giveaway!

 I've been lucky enough to be able to share a bunch of great giveaways with my fans! Some fellow bloggers have great products to share with you over the next couple days. Enjoy!

Kristen and Belinda here with a giveaway for you from Belli. Belli was kind enough to send some amazing products to both of us, so we are both posting our own reviews. Kristen's thoughts: I was sent two neat gift sets to review. The first was The Complexion Protection Duo. This kit contained Acne Cleansing Facial Wash and Anti-Cholasma Facial Sunscreen. To be perfectly honest, I just don't struggle with acne. I am very thankful for this too! But my husband is a postal carrier and he is out in the elements 6 days a week, walking about 12 miles a day. With the heat starting to kick in where we live, his face has been breaking out. I asked him to try out the facial wash for me. He washed his face at night and said, "it smells girly." But the next morning he was excited to show me his face...totally cleaned up! Now he embraces the "girly" smell and uses the facial wash every night and I am thrilled to report that his skin is staying 100% clear. I was excited to use the sunscreen. Now obviously it works great and like ALL Belli products is completely safe to use while pregnant. But, I really dislike that it is tinted. I actually LOVE that for the pool later this summer, but this is not so great for an every day sunscreen. I will definitely be slathering on my Belli facial sunscreen all summer though since the girls are on the swim team and it will work great at the pool! The second kit I was sent was the Your Best Baby Bump Duo. This kit included All Day Moisture Body Lotion and Elasticity Belly Oil. I did not use the oil very much, but I have been using the lotion constantly. The lotion goes on ultra smooth and has a light lemony scent. You be thinking lemon? Yes, Lemon. And when I am trying to get ready with a queasy stomach, I just love the smell of that lemon. It is so pleasant and actually perks me right up. The lotion does work all day long and comes with a pump to make it even easier! Bottom line: I recommend all the products I tried by Belli. They all are great, work well and they have very high standards on what goes into their products. Belli is a brand you can trust.     Belinda's Thoughts: I received the same products as Kristen, the Complexion Protection Duo and the Your Best Baby Bump Duo. I am super careful about any products I use during pregnancy. I do struggle with acne at certain times of the months and pregnancy hormones can play havoc with my skin. In the past, I have just stuck with soap and water since most acne products are not considered safe during pregnancy. Belli's products are the first to use lactic acid, an ingredient that is naturally found in the body. I was so excited to find products that I could use on my face and know they were safe for my baby! I love the face wash! It smells so good! It has a lemony, citrus scent that is so fresh and clean smelling. I also like that it can be used a s a face wash or left on the skin for 5 minutes an intensive facial mask. My skin feels so good after using it. Very soft and smooth. I am a HUGE advocate for sunscreen! When pregnant, you also have to worry about developing Chloasma, which are dark brown spots that occur on the face. Upo to 70% of women experience this. Unfortunately, I'm in that group. I developed small brown patches on my cheekbones when I was pregnant with my third son. Sunscreen is one of the key ways to help avoid this. I don;t really like using regualr sunscreen on my face since as I mentioned, I'm prone to breakouts. The Belli Anti Chloasma is formulated for your face and is gentle yet effective. As Kristen said, it is tinted. Here's a pic: This is nice at times and not at others. It will be great for when we are headed to the pool or lake where I wouldn't be wearing makeup. It says it can be worn under makeup but I choose not to since I don't want to have too much color on my face. I also liked the Your Best Baby Bump Duo. I love the lemony smell of the lotion! It's one of the few smells that doesn't stink to me right now! The lotion is think but not greasy. I love putting this lotion on when I get out of the shower. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin soft. I use the elasticity Belly oil on my belly and hips. I've been pretty lucky that I haven't had too many stretch marks but but I know my skin isn't as elastic as it was 10 years ago or even 2 years ago! This oil contains vitamin E Gotu Kola and lavender oil. It absorbs quickly and has a lavender scent. I can honestly say, I really like all the products I tried. Belli pregnancy line screens each ingredient to guard against chemicals linked to birth defects. It's nice to know I can trust the ingredients and know that they are safe for my baby!   Disclosure: The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or PR agency. The product(s) offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. Any opinions expressed are my own honest opinions and are not influenced by any form of compensation. This giveaway is not in any way endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook. a Rafflecopter giveaway


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