Saturday, May 19, 2012

Adventures In Growing Goji Berries-Day1-THE PLANTING!

Goji berries have really about a million things the are claimed to be good for and have around in China since.....well...forever it seems. Used for every from fertility to cancer treatment support when I won 500 seeds I thought HUH let's see what we can grow haha. The best resource on them I have found so far is So I figured I would start a kind of diary on them, growing them and hopefully one day when I get fruit, recipes. Here is day one, planting the seeds!
wow that is 500 seeds!

I'm not even sure you can see how tiny the seeds are
I cut the pods open and ripped them into about 9 pieces each. I used an egg carton because not only is it a great way ti recycle but when they get big enough I can put the entire thing into the ground!Time to send some off to my friend at My Side of Life :O) I know she will show me up in raising them she is such a great gardener.


Melanie Ski said...

Yeah for you!! Can't wait to see them grow!
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mywildcrazylife said...

Let me know how they grow and if they are tasty, etc. I am a semi avid gardener. We plant a huge garden every year and things that are expensive or even hard to find in the market are always on my list of plantings. I may be interested.

DeDa Studios said...

Goji berries..I am going to have to Google them. Wonder if they will grow in Wisconsin.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I heard of Goji berries but never tried them! Excited for you.

royalegacy said...

I am going to be watching for how they grow. Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting.

Danielle @ Royalegacy

Mellissa Hanks said...

I read they will grow most anywhere :O) and they come back year after year.

Melanie B said...

That's 500 seeds?!!