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Weightloss Challenge DAY4!

Dealing with an emotional day last night and today as my mother goes into surgery. I did well last night  though and didn't pick up junk food for my mouth :O) I have been doing great on water content as well. This plan has really been working great. struggling to eat enough food has never been a real struggle for me but it has been! I'm still really sore to, but I am keeping at working out so one day I'll be strong enough to do the basic things again. If you have yet to check it out yet go to


Great job! I know stress can play a huge role in sabotaging a weight loss and healthy diet. Try to find peace and breathing exercises. You are doing wonderful. I tried to open the link above and it came back as error. I would like to see it.
Mellissa Hanks said…
The link is fixed :O)
brooke said…
Go you! Every day is a victory when you are working on your health!
Keep on it girl! I am doing the same thing right now and trying to work hard! Lets support each other and get healthy!
Mellissa Hanks said…
Sounds great support is always important.

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