Weightloss Challenge DAY4!

Dealing with an emotional day last night and today as my mother goes into surgery. I did well last night  though and didn't pick up junk food for my mouth :O) I have been doing great on water content as well. This plan has really been working great. struggling to eat enough food has never been a real struggle for me but it has been! I'm still really sore to, but I am keeping at working out so one day I'll be strong enough to do the basic things again. If you have yet to check it out yet go to  www.mommybloggerweightlosschallenge.com


Great job! I know stress can play a huge role in sabotaging a weight loss and healthy diet. Try to find peace and breathing exercises. You are doing wonderful. I tried to open the link above and it came back as error. I would like to see it.
Mellissa Hanks said…
The link is fixed :O)
brooke said…
Go you! Every day is a victory when you are working on your health!
Keep on it girl! I am doing the same thing right now and trying to work hard! Lets support each other and get healthy!
Mellissa Hanks said…
Sounds great support is always important.

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