Weightloss Challenge DAY 8!

Well we are off camping for Easter as if Easter wasn't hard enough to survive.lol Honestly today I am not going to count calories just try not to stuff my face till I look like a marshmallow :OP. After all calories don't count on holidays right. LMAO Okay Okay I know that isn't true but I have all my fruits and veggies and we caught some fresh fish to grill :O) like yesterday I haven't had my workout handy(obviously) but I am trying to do as much as I can remember and hauling in those fish has been a great workout!


Shayla Burks said…
Go on a hike!!! Make it like an egg hunt, just say to the kids "we need to find....". That way, they're interested, and you're getting the workout! O and if one gets tired, it's alright. Add the extra pounds to your back (if it can handle it, I know you are in pain a lot of the time WITHOUT a monkey climbing on you) for some extra sweat. Happy Easter!
Mellissa Hanks said…
We went all over :) heck I think the bathroom was 1/2 mile lol

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