Weightloss Challenge DAY 7!

Today is the first full day of camping. It started with pancakes, bacon and oranges. Not the best start to a day that is for sure! I kept to a nice snack of grapes for my morning snack which was really yummy :O) I wish they weren't so costly! That is one of the main reasons I planted a grape vine this year so my family could eat grapes all summer long. Lunch I kept to a smoothie, normally today would have been an all smoothie day but since I was such a bad girl on the 4th and knew I would be out of town I did that on day 5. Which may or may not have been a good day. I feel great today though, whether it is the fresh air or the diet I'm very excited :O). Without a workout video I did what I could remember, which wore me out so must have been close to all of it, something is better then nothing right? I hope everyone has a great day. Check out www.mommybloggerweightlosschallenge.com for more information on my journey.


Melanie B said…
Anything is better than nothing :) Keep up the good work!

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