Rain Barrel

Last year was pretty much a complete waste trying to keep my garden alive. My water bills skyrocketed and I was still left with very little to show for it. Towards the end of the season I had a great idea why not use the water from my washer and save a  little money. I had looked into rain barrels at the store and couldn't believe the price! $80 for a barrel with a hole in the side.....ummmm......no thanks. On the way home we passed by this old "junk" store and saw they had big plastic barrels outside $8! SCORE! So we quickly bought one and got a couple parts to attach a hose. With a simple outdoor faucet part and a PVC piece to screw on the back I had my rain barrel for $15. Since it didn't really rain last year though we decided to drain the washer into it instead.lol But it works just the same and has saved me $20 a month! I may even just get some veggies this year ;o) 


MelissaClaire said…
I know that this may be a silly question but are you filtering it in any way or do you use an organic clothes detergent?
Stephanie said…
Awesome. I'm planing on making a rain barrel with how much it rains here. There's a tutorial on pinterest and it's make from a trash can.
Mellissa Hanks said…
I use the laundry detergent I make here on the blog i'll get a link to it.
Mellissa Hanks said…
I imagine any plastic container will work :)
Mellissa Hanks said…
Here we go http://www.something-like-life.com/2012/02/laundry-soap.html it does not foam like regular laundry soap :O) my plants seem to love it.

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