Not All Programs Work For All People

I have felt all week like such a failure as I just continue to gain and get sicker on this program I am doing. By everything I have learned in school and through reading it really should be the perfect program. I have been really down on myself telling myself it must be something I am doing wrong. Going over every calculation over and over again to see what I am doing wrong. I think I just need to accept the fact that not every program works for every body. Dustin has designed a great program and support system with his Mommy Bloggers Weightloss Challenge. I just don't fit the typical mold. As I continue on my path to health and physical fitness I will share with you any ideas I may come across. I hope some can help you but like me remember every body is different and you  will probably have to try different things before finding something that works for you. Most importantly just never give up! While I may not be able to follow the program set forth by the Mommy Blogger Weightloss Challenge because of my health I have found a great band of women to travel the journey together with and you never know maybe another fitness program on Fit Moms will work for me. I certainly loved the book and found it very motivational :O)


You definitly have to find the right program for you and your body! I tried one over the summer that was great nutritionally but it had no support. I am going to try out Weight Watchers again and see if I can get what I need from their support group setting. Pick and choose right?
Mellissa Hanks said…
I hear wonderful things about weight watchers :O) good luck!
Grace said…
It is hard to find something that just clicks. I did my own program with exercise and measuring food. I worked for me but did not work for my daughter. Good luck in your endeavors.
Ellen said…
Don't give up! I tried quite a few before I found Weight Watchers & that one worked great!

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