Like With Cornish Chickens 4 Weeks Down!

I can't believe it has been 4 weeks now! Glad to say they are all doing amazing still. They are getting so big, but I don't think will reach 40 pounds any time soon thank goodness. I am still limiting their food and started throwing in food scraps for them to forage off of. They aren't really a fan of food products from my house but LOVE the little yellow flowers that grow on the weeds around here. My kids love to pick them and feed them to them. We will be heading out of town this weekend and I really hope they are ok while we are gone. I bought two large water dispensers so that will leave them with 4 quarts of water for the two days we are gone. That should be good since one usually lasts them 3 days. I also bought an automatic cats feeder that runs on batteries :O) that way they can't eat non stop and run out of food I will set it to give them an exact amount 4 times a day. Of course what everyone actually comes for :OP the pictures.
Chicken A  nice strong legs and almost all her feathers yay!

This is my big girl!

The little one is still WAY behind :/ not sure why I hope she is ok.


Melanie B said…
So cute!!! I'll trade them for Nutters!
Mellissa Hanks said…
I'll send you one for Mr.Nutters :OP
Grace said…
I loved raising chickens. Yours are doing great.

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