Happy Earth Day!

It is hard to believe that 50 years ago Senator Gaylord Nelson saw a need for the environment to be paid attention to. Over a long 7 year process Earth Day as finally formed and shortly after that the EPA. Myself I can't imagine manufacturing plants with black smoke just pouring from them. Or being able to dump toxic waste directly into the water! Today in honor of his advancements in humanity we spend the day being as environmentally friendly as possible. Sometimes it is the little things that can help in the long run! What is your family doing today to honor Earth Day? What do you do every day to help save the planet??


Happy Earth Day to you! We try to make each day Earth friendly by recycling and other activities!
Kristyn said…
Happy Earth Day !
royalegacy said…
No one wants a dirty Earth.
Happy Earth Day :)

Everyday should be Earth day. I hate seeing these black smoke stacks everywhere. Sad but a fact of life still.

Kev :)
Happy Earth Day to you too!! It is all of those little things that can really add up.
Happy Earth day!
We recycle and try to reuse a lot!
Naddez said…
We often recycles soda cans & bottles and uses shopping totes alot more. Happy Earth Day!
ResearchingMom said…
new follower love the blog!
Melanie B said…
Hope you had a great earth day!

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