Growing Up Cornish Chicks Week 7!

I can't believe we have made it this far! When I found out their average life was only 8 weeks I won't lie I was really sad. Here I held these adorable little creatures in my hand and in two months they may be gone. well have a successful 7 weeks of life I am glad to say that they are crazy and as good as ever! They do go through an amazing amount of water so I think I am going to have to figure out something more. I am limiting their feedings to twice a day they get a 10 ounce cup of food spread on the ground. We also have been giving them lawn clippings and weeds that pop up. The kids also like to give them their apple Our next goal is getting eggs :O) from what I read this could take up to another 8 weeks! But we are looking forward to that journey.
Our little Rapunzel just a couple days old

Two crazy chickens hoping for


Samantha said…
That is fantastic! I raised chickens, and yes they are a handful but a wonderful experience (: Congrats

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