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Growing in Texas

Every year Texas seems to bring down it's full wrath on me! I swear it is just the beginning of April and already we are getting up to 90+ degrees. Despite the fact I have already lost 40 cucumber plants I do have a few things growing STRONG!
Ooooppppsss my picture is sideways and I forgot to turn it ;OP Beans a squash seem to like it here at least. My onions are also going GREAT! Finally a little potato plant is starting. I think really if we got some good old fashion rainy days it would do my garden wonders. Luckily tomorrow we are expecting some love from mother nature. I'm so jealous of my friend of at My Side of Life and her garden. It is coming in amazingly! Well as you may know we are out of town this weekend camping so hopefully the garden survives 2 days with no water*sigh*
Don't worry my little chickens are well equipped with an automatic feeder. It feeds them 3 times a day since I cannot while we are gone and lots of water supplied :O) can't wait to see them when I get home.


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