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Recently I was given the chance to review a new book by Scott Schmaltz. Scott Schmaltz is a personal trainer who is committed not only the health and fitness but also holds a degree as a nutritional consultant, a certificate as holistic health practitioner, and certificates in rehabilitation. This book was written so he could extend his help to others.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I have read many books about getting healthy and in shape and this by far has been not only the most comprehensive but the easiest to understand and enjoy. It covered everything from the best time to eat to the amount of water and food you should consume. Unlike a lot of books and programs that I have have reviewed this book is not a one size fits all book. While Scott includes a basic menu with specific brand he tells you how to make it your own and still keep it nutritionally equal. He also has a break down for men AND women because as anyone who has tried to lose weight with someone of the opposite sex knows what works for one does NOT work for the other. My favorite part of the book by far those was a chapter over quitting comfort foods. Although I think I use all food as comfort foods, this book has great information of how to eat to live not live too eat.
If you have been trying to get healthy or in shape this book is for you! I have great news Scott has given me the chance to offer this amazing book to one of my readers!If you can't wait till this giveaway is over to make that change in your life his book is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

**I received this book in order to provide a complete and honest review I was in not way obligated to provide a positive review any and all views expressed are that of my own.**

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Ms POSH said…
Sounds interesting.

Stopping by from the Friday hop to say hello. Have a great weekend!
Grace said…
If I win I'll pass this book along to my daughter.
Shayla Burks said…
I'd share this with my mother. :)
Donna George said…
Me. I need to get healthy and I really have zero motivation.
Misty said…
I could definitely use this book!
Jericho said…
Woohoo! Hopefully I win!

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