Clothes Pin Spelling

All year long it has been a struggle with my middle child. He just doesn't learn the same as all the other children :O) So I have been trying to come up hands on ways to help him learn and Clothes Pin Spelling has been such a  great help. Fast and easy to make and at $4 including a place to store it I couldn't go wrong. It has really helped his spelling and even my 4 year old loves to play!


That is such a great idea. Genius!
kewkew said…
Oh, my, I love this idea. Pinning this! And sharing for you from the Bloggin Social. Thanks for stopping by Tots and Me.
This is a great idea! If he is having a difficult time spelling. He may have dyslexia. My daughter has it and we used to get very frustrated with spelling. She couldn't spell and would get the letters in the wrong order. We had her tested and she is receiving the help she needs and this year is sooooooo much easier. She is even making 100s on her spelling test with less effort.
Mellissa Hanks said…
That is wonderful to hear :O) my middle son also has a learning disability but they won't test till next year :/ whatever can help till then :O)
Melanie B said…
What a great idea!

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