Life with Cornish Chicks Day 6

Well day 6 is going so good, we got to take the chicks outside today. It only last 45 minutes before they got to tired and laid down for a Still no heat lamp in their pen and they seem to be just fine with that. They are wanting to eat more and more these days it is just AMAZING! After being outside searching and eating everything they could find they came in and were looking for food already. I let them have it for 2 hours then took it out. They were stuffing their little chicken nugget faces when I left and stuffing their little faces when I came back. No wonder they are known for dying from being to fat to fast all they so is eat. Well here is a cute little picture they have nearly all their wing feathers now and are getting in their tail feathers. My husband is going to build them a pen soon and we will start transitioning them to be outside animals :O)


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