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Franks RedHot Sweet and Spicy Chicken

I have had such a great time working with these new Franks RedHot sauces. Today much to my husband's dislike I created a dish that was what he considers "Chinese food" lol. It was really simply and very very good. Her is what you need:

1 LARGE chicken breast
3/8 Cup Franks RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar

First start by cutting your chicken breast into cubes. Not only will this help your chicken to cook faster but it will spread the flavor around more. In a pan cook up your chicken until the outside is white all over. Add the remaining ingredients and heat till the sauce starts to bubble a bit. I served it over rice and veggies and it was really good just the way it set :O).


Becky Jane said…
Is it okay if I eat your husbands portion? It looks delicious!
Mellissa said…
Yep come on
Amy said…
That looks pretty tasty! My husband would LOVE it.
Erika said…
That looks delicious and so simple! I pinned this!