First Signs of Life

I'm getting more and more excited as my garden starts to take off. This is the first year I am really sitting down and planning out a full garden. Wow I had no idea how many rules and restrictions there were when it came to planting things. No wonder the gardens I have planted in the past have had such limited I took the time and picked up a book all about gardening and much to my surprise still had questions. Luckily I have a great friend to help me out. She is the blogger for My Side of Life and I swear that girl must know everything she has made my head spin in circles just trying to get this garden going. I'm is awe of the fact that she has been picking fresh fruits and vegetables from her garden for nearly a year now! I hope you will take the time to head over to her Gardening Section and see what she is up to these days :O). Now of course what people really want to see PICTURES! 
Look closely :OP

Mostly cucumbers


My plants really took off this week with small views of onions erupting through the ground outside to cucumber plants that I swear have just gone mad. So mad in fact I have been outside most of the day just trying to get through this crab grass. I am happy to announce that I am about 1/4 of the way done woohoo! My husband is hard at work building my chicken pen :O) come by tomorrow and check it out as I up date you on those little devils.
Awww why not they always love their camera


Your garden is coming right along great and love those sweet chicks just in time for EASTER photos.
Samantha said…
mel is amazing :) also- how cute are those chicks??? composting can really help your dirt, it did wonders for mine.
Cuteness! Good luck on your gardening adventures :D
Grace said…
We use to raise chickens. I loved having them and maybe we will do it again sometime.
Mellissa Hanks said…
I love Mel :O) she has been so helpful I swear she knows EVERYTHING! I love my chicks to lol. We just started a composter last year and did spread some this year.
Lisa Weidknecht said…
I am not much of a gardener. I can stick it in the ground, but God has to make it grow. I wish you luck!
I can't wait for our weather to get nicer so that i can start our garden!

BTW - I added you to my list of favorite blogs!

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