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Day 7 with Cornish Chicks-Stupidity Strikes

*SIGH* I knew it would only be a matter of time before they really started to show how stupid they It is a beautiful day outside today here and the children are on spring break so I decided it would be a good idea to take them out in the garden while I did some weeding. They were loving scratching around the garden, giving me some fertilizer while they were at it ;o). Suddenly my oldest yells to me that one was laying on its side..I get up and head over there and it jumps up only to lay back down. I got really worried and thought for sure this was the end of one of our sweet little chicks. My 4 year old simply says mommy I think she is thirsty and picks her up and carries her to the water. Sure enough the stupid little chick was just to stupid/lazy whichever it was to walk 2 feet to get a drink! She is fine now screaming for feeding I see this may be a long road. If they don't become stable enough to walk a couple feet for a drink they will never survive.


Melanie Payne said…
LOL oh goodness I"m sorry, I had to laugh. The way you worded it, is just too funny. *chuckles*

Hopefully they will survive and keep on walking :)
Mellissa said…
lol I hope so to I laughed and freaked out all at once.