Day 21 Crockpot Challenge Comforting Chili

It is cold, dark, and rainy today. Normally this would make me very happy and it would be napping weather, lol or I'd feel like it at least. Well with our roof still pretty much exposed to the elements, being simply covered in a tarp, it has been anything but a relaxing day. so glad this morning I started one of my favorite comfort foods of all time! A nice pot of meat and bean chili. Here is what you will need:

1 Pound of Ground Meat(I use beef but really you can use anything)
2 Packages of Chili Seasoning
4 Cups of Water
2 Cans of Kidney Beans
1 Can of Black Beans
Shredded cheese

Now like always my meals are simple most of the time :O) Drain your beans of any liquid, then put everything but the cheese in the crockpot. Yep even the uncooked meat just break it up and throw it in! Turn on low for the day and walk away. When you are ready to eat put it in a bowl and sprinkle with cheese. Mmmmmmm....enjoy your little bowl of comfort.

My car reader is down on my computer so I will upload a picture soon as I can convince it that it likes me :O)


Brenda said…
I love trying new chili recipes. We are having some nice warm weather here, but this weekend looks like rain! Perfect time to test out this crockpot chili! Thanks for sharing!
Julie said…
I love crockpot recipes! So easy and yummy with lots of flavor!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
This sounds delicious! I will have to try it.
Trisha said…
I wish you had a picture, I'd totally pin it to my board of crockpot recipes I'd like to try =) Sounds like a great recipe!
I'll have to try chilli in the crockpot sometime soon.

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