Day 15 Crockpot Challenge Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken

This is by far one of my favorite things to cook. I love making it in large batches because it goes so well in everything. Mostly I use it in stir fry but it also freezes very well so I can freeze individual serving sizes then defrost them in the microwave for lunch. It is really a simple dish with only 4 ingredients. In your crockpot place 4 large chicken breasts in a single layer. Take 1/2 cup of pineapple juice from a  can of pineapple and pour it over the top. Take a couple chunks of pineapple and throw them in as well, I usually give the rest to my children as a treat :O). Then take your favorite teriyaki sauce about 2/3 cup and pour it in. Then simply let it cook on low for the day. Served up with rice and broccoli it is a complete meal everyone will love.


gloria mckellar said…
This looks delicious! I'm going to have to try it! Thanks for your follow:) Following you back!
Found you on Finding New Friends ... Looking forward to learning more.
Melanie B said…
Yum! My kids like this mix of tastes too :)

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