Day 14 Crockpot Challenge Pot Roast :O)

This has to be one of my all time favorite meals and I admit I still CANNOT master the perfect flaky pot Regardless it is still an amazing meal that I make and everyone seems to gobble it down! Best part is it is super simple and makes my house smell oh so yummy. All I do is take a small roast and place in it my crockpot with some chopped up potatoes and carrots. Over the top I sprinkle a healthy amount of pepper and onion powder. Smash a couple garlic cloves and add those in, in my opinion you can never have to much garlic :O). After you have all that in take your Worcestershire sauce and splash it all around, put in about a half of a cup of water, put your lid on, and turn it on your lowest setting. It really makes a great meal every time! 


Angie said…
I love slow cooker roast! Sounds yummy!

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