Cornish Chicks Day 2 :O)

Well today I have decided that two chicks are in fact a couple days older then the others. I decided that I would take the risk in hopes of making them hardier and not leave a heat lamp on for them. Now keep in mind it is 70 degrees in the house and they have newspaper and pine chip bedding. Leaving only water in I was worried they would be dead by morning and didn't sleep much listening for little I am happy to announce they did great through the night and today we had our first outside play time to learn to be chickens and not fat chicken nuggets.

They even had a couple little fights over some dry

I can tell so badly how devoted to their food they are. I felt like I was taking away a babies pacifier last night when I removed their food. They were sleeping so I simply picked it up and they screamed and screamed for a few No wonder they eat themselves to death!


Melanie B said…
Cute!! :) can't wait to see how they grow up :)
Mellissa Hanks said…
Me to :O) they are doing so good I'm very happy.

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