Motivational Monday

Well it is Monday.......need I really say more?? Lately my motivation has lacked almost completely and I have realized I have been letting myself slip back into this can't do it attitude. While sitting on my computer doing nothing but playing on Farmville and Pinterest I came across something that reminded me I can do it.
Now to most people this may not be motivation but I have been there. I've been pushed further then I have ever been pushed by my trainer which was no easy task. He has shared some of his NFL workout moves with me and I succeeded yet I sat here thinking I can't do it. So really the only thing I can't do is make excuses because really I can do it and so can you ;O)


Tami Marie said…
Love it!! I have just started back exercising and it's been difficult to say the least. My body seems to be fighting me every inch of the way. However, my uncle told me today...the main thing is that I am trying. I am fighting the pain and telling my body that it will not win. My will power is stronger than anything. I get up everyday despite the pain and the lack of motivation and I go do it. I feel great afterward. I think that I am on the right track.

Thanks so much for linking up to the I Love My Online Friends Monday Blog Hop.

Mellissa Hanks said…
Lacking motivation is a HUGE struggle of mine as well :O)

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