Weight Wise Wednesdays!

With the New Year coming we are all making resolutions. I'm not sure how good of a response I will get to this new day I am adding but I hope everyone enjoys it and perhaps builds towards a healthier life.
Often we do no drink enough water during the day. The human body requires 64 fluid ounces of pure water a day to keep properly hydrated....how many have you drank today?? I'll admit that today I am at half of that!!! Now let me ask you another question.......what was the last thing you ate that was not at breakfast, lunch or dinner?? You know what mine was...........FUDGE! Ummmm...........yeah that is a way to get healthy now isn't it.lol It has actually be proven that people who do not drink enough water consume to many calories. Here is a little chart to think about every time you think it is snack time!


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