Time Saving Tips for Turkey Day!

This time of year life is crazy enough without throwing in a home cooked feast. Help save yourself some time and stress with some of these time saving tips.

1.Cut vegitables ahead of time! Vegitables can keep for days pre cut ahead of time. So cut those veggie trays, stuffing ingrediants and more the day before. It will save you from having to get up at 4 am to get that turkey in.

2.Set your dining table the night before! Instead of running incircles as your guests prepair to descend upon you simply spend a few minutes after dinner the night before to place your table cloth and set a beautiful table.

3.Make sure salt and pepper shakers are filled a day or two before hand so that does not come empty int he middle of the meal.

4.Make sure your turkey is defrosted by removing it in plenty of time. Nothing is worse then having a half cooked turley that can postpone your meal.

5.Place all canned goods that will be needed on the counter to save trips to the pantry.

6.Cook Pies a day or two ahead of time. The turkey takes so much time to cook it can often make dinner late or keeping you up going back and forth checking on pies.

Using a couple of these time saving tools can really help you save time which can then be used to spend enjoying this holiday or any holiday with your family.


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