Homemade Apple Sauce!

As some of my readers know we have really been trying to improve our families health all round. Well of course that means making more stuff by hand. I realized last night for some reason I had 27 apples in my fridge :OP and after talking with friends apple sauce seemed like a good plan. So this morning I set about peeling, coring and cutting 20 apples. Yep it is about as fun as it sounds.lol I put them in my crockpot and added about a cup of water, 2/3 cups of sugar(I'm going low sugar you may want more), and 2 good teaspoons of cinnamon. It is still cooking but my house smells AMAZING! He is a before picture can't wait to show you the results.
So after hours of cooking and making me so hungry I finally got to taste this and Mmmm...I am so glad I didn't add all the extra sugar it usually calls for it was simply amazing the way it was.


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