Motivational Monday

Every Monday seems to be the same. I wake up to a house that the weekend has overcome, make my list that I know I will never finish, and work myself to the bone trying to make this house a home. This morning while browsing through Facebook I was reminded that having the opportunity to do these things isn't something that everyone gets in life. It was a simple Facebook status update that reminds me that life itself is a blessing.

"Thank God every day for a new opportunity. Not everyone was blessed to wake up this morning to see a new day. Despite all the problems in the world, big or small, you were blessed with another opportunity to change them . Make a change for the better, and someone along the road told me once " if your looking at the past, your back is faced towards the future." Blessings can come from the worst of situations, be strong in the lord and in his mighty power."

So take a moment today to remember all the things in your life that are a blessing and SMILE!


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