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Bringing Back New Life

Garage sales are one of my favorite things to go to on the weekend. I see so many neat things that most people see as useless. One thing I really enjoy doing is taking an old container and making it into a beautiful candle. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing around our local second hand store and came across a pot that would make the perfect gift for my step mother since it matched her collection yet really had no use. What I love about making candles, it is so fun and easy, and I want to share with you how to create your own candles at home.

I really prefer to use soy wax because it is all natural but really you can use whatever variety of wax you may chose. For this project you will need:
*A pot that can hold at least 4 cups
*1 ounce Candle scent oil
*1 Pound of candle wax
*1 candle Wick
*A glue gun
*2 Pencils
*2 Small rubber bands(they have some great tiny ones in the hair supply isle)
*A a metal spoon for stiring

So right now you are probably thinking okay that is great but where can I find these. Well There are so many places you can get them. Crafts stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels offer a great selection. Some online stores are,, and You can also find kits on ebay :O)

Starting is super simple put your pot on the store on medium low with you wax in the pot. It will take a while to start melting and will need to be stirred as it melts. While your wax is take your container and put some hot glue in the center bottom of your container. Stick the bottom of your wick to this glue and press firmly. Put a rubber band on both ends attaching the pencils side by side, this will hold your wick upright while your candle cools. When your wax is nearly completely melted turn of the heat and remove the pan from the burner. Carefully poor in the scent oil mixing well. The next steps seems like the longest one, waiting for the wax to cool. Stirring regularly watch the wax for color change. The wax with be transparent when this step begins, you will know it is ready to pour when it starts to turn milky and thickens. Pour the wax carefully it is still really hot. After pouring place the wick in the center of the two pencils you attached together earlier. Center the wick in the candle and let sit for 24 hours before burning. All wicks should be trimmed to 1/4" before burning :O) enjoy your new candle.

 If you are as graceful as me and manage to stick your finger in your candle no worries :O) just take a hair dryer on low and melt the top just enough to even it out. The first time you burn your candle melt the wax to the edge this will ensure you get an even burn every time. NO MORE DIPS!


Grace said…
Stopping by to visit you from My Side of Life.
I enjoyed your candle article and now you've got me in the mood to make some of my own.

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